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The server/forums will be undergoing major changes/upgrades in the next few weeks. We plan on having as little downtime as possible.
Hello peoples of SkyBlock! We've contracted out to a few build teams to throw together a new spawn for the server.

This is one of a few updates/upgrades/changes we're making to the server. :) We hope you enjoy them all.

It should hopefully be ready by the 5th of December, but no guarantee on it. Once it's up the Forums Revamp will undergo its modifications.

To get more activity on the forums, we will be doing a weekly giveaway. Each week one person who has a forum account and 5 or more messages posted gets automatically entered and will receive a private message from @RickyDeCoite saying they won and the reward is... 15 Grass Blocks! Which will be placed in a chest on your island. You can win multiple times, but not twice in a row. Example, you win one week, and win the next week. You will not collect a reward for the second week and another name will be drawn.


Winners will be posted here as well. Happy posting!

You are to follow the rules, spam posting or multiple replies instead of editing your original post will result in disqualification for the week, no exceptions. Please remember that Forum Games/Introductions do NOT apply to your message count.
Reviewing the statistics for /hardcore have shown that it still has gained no traction in obtaining new players. So, it is being shut down. SkyBlock, the main server that you automatically connect to will remain online and now just have a little more room to breath.

We were going to offer compensation to people who had islands that were greater than level 7. Only two islands met this requirement, Mine and @UndefinedMasian so he can contact me and we will give you some Grass Blocks on /skyblock

Happy SkyBlocking!
Hey guys, we finally have the TeamSpeak server up and running. It does have a few rules, pretty easy to follow and will result in a ban from the TeamSpeak Server if broken.

1. You must use Headphones, nobody wants to hear the echo.
2. You must use Push to Talk, I nor anybody else cares about what is said in your house.
3. If you want to cuss, please switch to the PG-13 Channel and do whatever you want in the area of cursing.

Pretty simple rules, the TeamSpeak server isn't professionally setup, nor is it rented. It's running off a tiny little VPS that isn't all that important to me. (It's not running off the main server).

TeamSpeak address: ts.skyblock.us
Hello guys, a small update.
When you join for the first time, you will obtain a book with some details about the server, you can issue the command: '/kit guide' to obtain the book, you can do this every 24 hours.

Another Kit available to everyone is '/kit sapling' this will give ONE Oak Sapling every 24 hours.

Members and Donors can now run the commands: /sethome and /home
To set a home, stand where you want it to be, and run '/sethome <name>' to get back to it you will run '/home <name>'

So '/sethome island' and '/home island'

In regards to the Server Guide book, if updates happen, a mass mail will be sent for you to throw away your old book and run the '/kit guide' to reobtain the updated version. :)